Getting You Back 

to Life and Living...

Dynamic Spine & Sport Rehabilitation is dedicated to returning the service of Physical Therapy to the roots of the profession.  Like the Reconstruction Aids of WWII, we believe that healing touch is the basis for true recovery.  The implementation of manual techniques and alternative modalities to maximize recovery and return to function are essential to providing the best possible experience for the patient and the one true goal at Dynamic.  
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Useful Information

  • Statistics show that 80% of adult Americans live with back pain. 
  • Statistics show that 45% of today's adult workers in America experience neck pain. 
  • ​Statistics show that 16.54% of Americans experience chronic headaches.

Dynamic Spine & Sport Rehabilitation serves to provide quality health care in a warm and inviting environment for patients of all ages and disabilities in a gentle and caring manner with ultimate concern for the individual as a whole being. We understand that physical healing deals with forces and their relation primarily to the motion but sometimes also to the equilibrium of bodies. 

The complete and holistic treatment of the mind and the body will be accomplished through the use of physical therapy rehabilitative activity at a level that is appropriate to each individual with progression as tolerated. The implementation of manual techniques and other modalities to include cupping and dry needling are incorporated in the treatment process to maximize healing and return to normal function. We strive to help the individual achieve progress and change marked by continuous advance of productive activity.

Individuals will be educated on post discharge preventative care to further maximize the healing and progression of the individual by providing the knowledge and physical strength necessary to avoid recurrence of problems and promote good health for the future. We also offer opportunities to continue with progress through post discharge programs that are tailored to each person’s needs.